The Secrets of Soda Vending Machines

In today’s health conscious world the best beverage to dispense from your vending machine is Soda water. To begin with, the vending machine business is not complicated and does not need much education or degrees. It is a very profitable business provided you select the right spots to place your vending machines depending on the product for sale.

A great choice would be a Soda Vending Machine. Soda water being a health drink can be installed in malls, near health centers, outside gymnasiums, in Schools or Colleges. Considering that Soda water is carbonated water that has gas added to create bubbles. Research has shown that soda water which contains carbon dioxide is helps with digestive problems. This fact is known decades ago, when Grandmothers would ask for sodas in case they felt some indigestion or heartburn coming on. But in those days you had to buy your soda from a grocery shop or fair price shop, but now with the soda vending machine the young and old alike can just get to a soda vending machine and help themselves. If you have had a heavy meal, you feel your stomach bloating. The carbonation in soda eliminates this feeling and also helps to eliminate constipation with pressure applied with the gas bubbles. This is no Grandmother tale it is a fact.

Since soda is medicinal and sought after by the elderly, soda vending machines are welcome anywhere and everywhere.

The soda vending machines now dispense soda water with different flavours without adding sugars. This makes it more tempting to the children and maybe people of all ages. You have flavours like apple, bananas, pineapple, strawberry, rum, Nimbu pani, whisky, and many others to choose from. This makes it everybody’s favourite drink.

It has been observed that vendors of soda water vending machine are successful if they follow the right practice. The profit margins are very high and they could recover their investment within half a year.

If you have a general store you could place a soda vending machine there so it will become convenient for people visiting your store to get a soda while shopping.

Since you are now convinced that the soda water vending business is practical and well sought after product, you could start your business with this vending machine. You could become a franchise of some manufacturer, who will help you locate a place to operate from. On the other hand you could do it by yourself.

This is how the soda vending machine with flavours work. Carbon dioxide is dissolved into water by increasing the pressure of the Carbon dioxide gas using a carbonator. Soda water is mixed with flavored syrup in order to create the soft drink. The syrup and carbonated water mix together and when the customer pushes down a lever, it comes out of the nozzle. The syrup is often stored in syrup tanks that are hooked up to tubes. The soda flavoring is drawn from the Syrup tanks, using air pressure when the customer pushes down on the lever.

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